Creating a Culture of Customer Experience Excellence

The Auxisi Group (/Awk-see-see/) is a customer experience enhancement consultancy that helps customer facing teams articulate and actualize the exceptional experience which they genuinely desire to provide to key clients.

Here is more information describing some of the keystones of this inspiring program.


Creative Collaboration

A collective shift in concerted behavior.


Capture the Collective Vision

Following pre-work and receipt of initial communications about the program, the teams come together to collaboratively envision the ideal experience they would like to be perceived by the client.

The teams then take part in empathy mapping exercises to help identify what may be preventing the client from perceiving their experience this way today, followed by general agreement of some initiatives that can be taken to mitigate these preventers.

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Identify Catalysts

Workshop 2 shifts the focus to mindsets and behaviors that may be influencing client's experience today.

Shifting the mindset requires collaborative consensus on a vision statement in order to coalesce collective energy towards the end goal. 

Once the vision is agreed, the team then draft practical principles which serve as a continuous reminder of their individual responsibility to create an excellent customer experience.


Create a Cause

Based on the vision statement and supporting practical principles, the team then decides on a brand. 

Deriving a name and graphic for the campaign instills a sense of pride and belonging as the campaign becomes a banner for what they are 'about' in their day-to-day tasks.

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Achieve the Desired Outcome

The customer will then begin to detect a tangible enhancement in their day-to-day experience - and that new experience is delivered by a customer-focused team that take ownership of issues and hold each other accountable to the customer experience vision.

What Next?

There are three approaches to bringing this program to your organization explained below.



The Auxisi Group will work directly with leadership to administer this program through a portion or whole of your organization. 


We co-facilitate phase one of the program with your team, then continue to provide logistical guidance and assistance with communications along the way.


An immersive two-day impartation of the practices, cadence and psychology behind the methodologies of the program.


Versatile Methodology

This refined methodology can help organizations achieve a variety of near-term goals and long-term objectives. 

It is especially ideal for companies that have recently, or will soon be going through an acquisition, reorganization or C-level transition, to specifically help with strategic alignment, guest experience and key account retention.

Below is a short explainer video about the program.