The AUXISI Group

"AUXISI" /Awk-see-see/ is the english phonetic spelling of the greek word - αύξηση - that refers to an increase, raise, boost or enhancement as a result of an augmentation.  We chose a root-language word for the name of our consultancy because we believe in getting to the root of situations so that sustainable solutions can be derived from a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at-hand.

Why we exist

With more than 20 years of business management and progressive senior roles, our founder, Brad Rogers, made a broad impact as required by the needs of the business.  While doing so, he evolved several highly-effective change management and cultural invigoration methodologies.   

The Auxisi Group was created so that Brad could offer those methodologies to more companies as an inspirational enablement program.

There are three approaches to administering the program.  Click here to learn more